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Compositore: WEBSTER Maurice

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How the world wags - Social music for a 17th century englishman: RAVENSCROFT A Bellman's song; Who liveth so merry; Martin said to his man - D'URFEY The Winchester wedding - LAWES Gather your rosebuds - CROFT Sonata in G - LOCKE Saraband; Ayre - WEBSTER Galliard - JOHNSON As I walked Forth - PARKER Seldom cleanly - ANONYMOUS Jamaica; The Miller of dee -- and other pieces...
Compositori: Anonimo; BENNET John (Inghilterra); CROFT William (Inghilterra); D'URFEY Thomas (Inghilterra); LAWES Henry (Inghiterra); LOCKE Matthew (Inghilterra); PARKER Martin (Inghilterra); PURCELL Henry (Inghilterra); RAVENSROFT Thomas (Inghilterra); WEBSTER Maurice
Interpreti: The City Waites; WOOTTON Douglas (dir)
Casa Discografica: HYPERION - Inghilterra
Codice: HYP A 66008
Supporto: 1 Vinyl LP
€ 22.00