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Compositore: LIUH-TING Hen

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Chinese Piano Music: SHAN-DE Suite for children - WEN-YEH The Milky Way on July 7th; Capriccio Fisherman's Song. op.56; Lion dance ar New Year - MOY Theme and variations from a Chinese Folk Song - LAM Flowers and moon light on a Spring River op. 12 n. 2 - WEN-CHUNG The Willows are new - TSANG-HOUEI Romance and Cradle Song - TCHEREPNIN Homage to China (n.3) - LIUH-TING Buffalo Boy's Flute
Compositori: LAM Domin; LIUH-TING Hen; MOY William C.C; SHAN-DE Ding; TCHEREPNIN Alexander Nikolayevich (Russia); TSANG-HOUEI Hsu; WEN - YEH Chiang; WEN-CHUNG Chou
Interpreti: CHAI-HSIO Tsai (pianoforte)
Casa Discografica: THOROFON - Germania
Codice: THO 2034
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 18.50