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Compositore: LEMBKE Gustav Adolph

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In Denmark I Was Born: GLASS Life "Tis Ever Onward" - VAD-THOMSEN Fantasy in May One Style - WEISE Brothers, Very Far Away - HARTMANN Odense - Funen - GRIEG Poetry; Two Brown Eyes - MARK The Pearl - SCHIERBECK Dennmark, Mi native Land - GEBAUER Mother and Child - NIELSEN Studies from nature - HENRIQUES Dance and Dance; The Dying Child - POHLENZ Neath Forest Leaves... - LANGE-MULLER Tis You I love - e a.
Compositori: GADE Niels Wilhelm (Danimarca); GEBAUER Johan Christian; GLASS Christian Henrik; GRIEG Edward (Norvegia); HARTMANN Johann Peter Emilius (Danimarca); HENRIQUES Fini; LANGE-MULLER Peter Erasmus; LEMBKE Gustav Adolph; MARK Jesper; NIELSEN Carl August (Danimarca); POHLENZ Christian August; SCHIERBECK Poul (Danimarca); VAD-THOMSEN Knud; WEYSE Christoph Ernst Friederich (Danimarca)
Interpreti: STEFFESEN Christian (voce)
Casa Discografica: DANICA-OH
Codice: DCD 8105
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 21.00