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Compositore: LAVALLEE Alphonse

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750 jaar St. Joriskerk Amersfoort - Naber-Orgel: BOELLMANN Suite gothique (H. van Vliet) - LAVALLEE Scherzo (W. H. Zwart) - RENNER Passacaglia (F. Asma) - BACH Choralvorspiele BWV 683 & 684 (W. Hulsmann) - REGER Introductie en Passacaglia (1899) (W. Hulsmann); Toccata en Fuga in d/D op.59/5-6 (A. Schuurman) - FRANCK Finale (W. Weijland)
Compositori: BACH Johann Sebastian; BOELLMANN Leon (Francia); BOELLMANN Leon (Francia); FRANCK Cesar Auguste (Francia); LAVALLEE Alphonse; REGER Max (Germania); RENNER Joseph
Interpreti: ASMA Feike (organo); HULSMANN Willem (organo); SCHUURMAN Adriaan C. (organo); VLIET Herman van (organo); WEIJLAND Willem (organo); ZWART Willem Hendrik
Casa Discografica: FESTIVO - Germania -
Codice: FECD 6921672
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 19.50
Stars & Stripes: Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa) - Military Might; The Star Spangled Banner; Chester; A George M. Cohan Salute (Chohan); The Battle Hymn of the Republic; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Shenandoah; National Emblem (Bagley); Xixie's Land; Hail Columbia (Phile); The Star Spangled Banner (Smith); America the Beautiful (Word); My Country, 'Tis of Thee; Drums of Liberty; O Canada (Lavall?e)
Compositori: Anonimo; BAGLEY; COHAN Georg M.; LAVALLEE Alphonse; SMITH Alice Mary; SOUSA John Philip (USA)
Interpreti: Vari
Codice: OPDAY 7382
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 21.00