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Compositore: FERRABOSCO Alfonso "

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DOWLAND, John: Can she excuse my wrongs; Come heavy sleep; Sweet stay awhile; Come away, come sweet love; In darkness let me dwell; Say love if ever thou didst find - CAMPION, Thomas: Beauty is but a painted hell and other songs... - FERRABOSCO, Alfonso: If all thase cupids; So beauty on the waters stood; Yes where the loves; It was no policy of court; Come my Celia - JONES, Robert: Love is a babel; Love is a pretty frenzy; Now what is love - and other songs by Bartlett & Rosseter --
Compositori: BARTLETT John (Inghilterra); CAMPION Thomas (Inghilterra); DOWLAND John (Inghilterra); FERRABOSCO Alfonso ";the Younger" (Inghilterra); JONES Robert (Inghilterra); ROSSETER Philip (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: EVANS Wynford (tenore); SHAVITZ Carl (liuto); VEL Peter (viola da gamba)
Casa Discografica: ENIGMA Records - London
Codice: ENIGMA 53535
Supporto: 1 Vinyl LP
€ 18.00