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Compositore: CRANFORD William (Inghilterra)

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Dialogues of Sorrow - Passions on the Death of Prince Henry (1612): RAMSEY When David Heard; What Tears, dear Prince?; How are the Mighty Fall'n; Sleep Fleshly Birth - CRANFORD Weep, weep Briton - FORD Tis Now Dead Night - WARD No Object Dearer; Weep Firth jour Tears - COPRARIO O Grief; O Poor distrcted World; So parted You; Ehen Ple Famine - WEELKES O jonathan, Woe is me; When David Heard - DERING And the King was Moved; e a.
Compositori: COPRARIO John (Inghilterra); CRANFORD William (Inghilterra); DERING Richard (Inghilterra); FORD Thomas (Inghilterra); RAMSEY Robert; TOMKINS Thomas (Inghilterra); VAUTOR Thomas; WARD John (Inghilterra); WEELKES Thomas (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: CROUCH Gabriel (dir); Gallicantus; KENNY Elizabeth (liuto)
Codice: SIGCD 210
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 25.00