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Compositore: BYRT John

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O magnum misterium: GREGORIANO O radix Iesse; O magnum misterium; Ave Maria; Hodie Christus natus est; Puer natus est nobis; Reges Tharsis; Verbum caro factum est - WISHART Alleluya, A new Work is come on Hans - HOWELLS A Spotless Rose; Sing Lullaby; Here is the little door - BENNET Out of your sleep, e a. - LEIGHTON Of a rose is all my song; e a. - WARLOCK As dew in aprylle; e a. - BYRT All and some - WALTON What cheer?
Compositori: Anonimo; BENNETT Richard Rodney; BYRT John; HOWELLS Herbert (Inghilterra); LEIGHTON Kenneth; WALTON William Turner (Inghilterra); WARLOCK Peter (Inghilterra); WISHART Peter
Interpreti: LAYTON Stephen (dir); Polyphony
Casa Discografica: HYPERION - Inghilterra
Codice: HYP 55216
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 19.50