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Compositore: BUCK Dudley

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Organ music in America: THAYER Variations on the Russian National Hymn, op.12 - BUCK The Star Splanged Banner - FOOTE Prelude; Oriental Sketch - IVES Variations on "America" - SOWERBY Pageant - COPLAND Episode - OSWALD Adagio from Sonata in C major - NEPOMUCENO Offertoire - GINASTERA Toccata, Villancico y Fuga, op.19
Compositori: BUCK Dudley; COPLAND Aaron (USA); FOOTE Arthur (USA); GINASTERA Alberto (Argentina); GINASTERA Alberto (Argentina); IVES Charles (USA); NEPOMUCENO Alberto; OSWALD Henrique (Brasile); SOWERBY Leo; THAYER Eugene
Interpreti: SACCHETTI Arturo (organo) (dir)
Casa Discografica: ARTS - Germania
Codice: ARTS 47272
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 16.00
Paul Robeson - The Complete EMI Sessions 1928-1939: ASELL Lazin; Sleepy River; Song of Freedom - BISHOP Blue Prelude - BROWN Joshua fit the battle ob Jericho; Sometimes I feel like a motherles child; Steal away; Swing low; Sweet chariot - BUCK Song of the Volga boatmen - BURLEIGH Go down, Moses ; Where you there? - CARMICHAEL Lazy bones; Rockin' chair CLUTSAM Ma curly-headed baby - DAVE/FRANKLIN, ELLINGTON, GERSHWIN e a.
Compositori: AAVV; BUCK Dudley; CARMICHAEL Hoagy; ELLINGTON Duke "Edward Kennedy" (USA); GERSHWIN George (USA)
Interpreti: ROBESON Paul (voce)
Casa Discografica: EMI
Codice: EMI 2155862
Supporto: 7 CD Compact disc
€ 38.50
American Pioneers: CARPENTER Skyscrapers - PAINE Oedipus Tyrannus - Prelude - Mac DOWELL Lamia - FOOTE Suite in E for strings - BUCK Festival Overture on the Star-Spangled Banner
Compositori: BUCK Dudley; CARPENTER John Alden; FOOTE Arthur (USA); KNOWLES-PAINE John (USA); MACDOWELL Edward (USA)
Interpreti: KLEIN Kenneth (dir); London Symphony Orchestra
Casa Discografica: EMI
Codice: EMI 6411182
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 16.50
PISTON, Walter: The incredible Flutist; Festival Overture on the American National Air "The Star Spangled Banner" (1887) - BUCK, Dudley: Festival overture on the American National Air --
Compositori: BUCK Dudley; PISTON Walter (USA)
Interpreti: MESTER Jorge (dir); The Louisville Orchestra
Casa Discografica: LOUISVILLE
Codice: LOU LS 755
Supporto: 1 Vinyl LP
€ 22.00
American Organ Music (DVD AUDIO - non funziona sui lettori CD normali/not play with normal cd-player) - IVES Variations on America - BUCK Concert Variations on Star Spangled Banner op.23 - FARNAM Toccata - LEMARE Andantino - BENNET Sonata in G - PAINE Fntasia - MILLER Spiritual - SOWERBY Toccata (Skinner Orgel der Immanuel Presbyterian Church Los Angeles)
Compositori: BENNET Robert Russel; BUCK Dudley; FARNAM Lynnwood; IVES Charles (USA); KNOWLES-PAINE John (USA); LEMARE Edwin Henry; MILLER Horace Alden; SOWERBY Leo
Interpreti: SWARTZ Samuel John (organo)
Casa Discografica: MOTETTE - Germania
Codice: MOT 10903
Supporto: 1 dvd solo audio
€ 14.50
Fugues Fantasia and Variations 1th Century American concert Organ Music - BUCK D. Grand Sonata in E-flat, opus.22 - THAYER W.E. Variations on the Russian National Hymn, opus.12 - PARKER H. Fugue in C minor, opus.36 nr.3 - PAINE - WHITING -
Compositori: BUCK Dudley; PARKER Horatio; THAYER Eugene
Interpreti: MORRIS Richard (organo)
Casa Discografica: NEW WORLD RECORDS - Stati Uniti
Codice: NWR 80280
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 29.50
Great Australasian Organs - VI: The Organ of Wellington Cathedral - BUCK The Star Spangled Bonner, Concert Variations, op.23 - WEBBER Pastorale; Introit; Arietta in A major; Epilogue - MATHIAS Recessional - GUILMANT Pastorale op.26; Fugue in F maj, op.72 n.2; Offertoire op.75 n.4 - Pi?ce Caract?ristique, op.75 n.1; Fugue in F minor, op.75 n.3; Morceau Symphonique, op.75 n.2 - SUMSION Four Preludes on Well-Known Carol
Compositori: BUCK Dudley; GUILMANT Alexandre Felix (Francia); LLOYD-WEBBER William; MATHIAS William (Galles); SUMSION Herbert
Interpreti: WATTS Jane (organo)
Casa Discografica: PRIORY - Inghilterra
Codice: PRI 775
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 19.00
L'Orgue de concert vol.1: BOELY Fantasia & fugue en si major - BUCK Concert variations - GOUNOD Marche fun?bre pour une marionette - NOBLE Toccatina (grandes orgues de la Salle de concert de l'institut pontifical de musique sacree Rome)
Compositori: BOELY Pierre Alexandre Francois (Francia); BUCK Dudley; FLECHER Percy; GOUNOD Charles (Francia); RAWSTHORNE Alan (Inghilterra); SOWERBY Leo; WHITLOCK Percy (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: NOSETTI Massimo (organo)
Casa Discografica: SYRIUS - Francia
Codice: SYR 141353
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 15.00