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Compositore: BRYNE Albertus

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The Oxford Psalms: LAWES The Lamentation: Cast me not, Lord; I God my strength and fortutude; Lord in thy warath; e a. - LOCKE In the beginning; Let God arise - CLARCKE Blest be those sweet Regions - ANONYMOUS Miserere - BLOW As on Euphrates - SIMPSON A Ground for ye Harpsichord - CHILD The First Set of Psalmes - PURCELL Since God so tender; Blessed is he that...- WITHY Divisions in F - JAFFREYS Praise the Lord, O my soule - BRYNE Voluntary
Compositori: Anonimo; BLOW John (Inghilterra); BRYNE Albertus; CHILD Peter; CLARKE Jeremiah (Inghilterra); JEFFREYS George; LAWES William (Inghilterra); LOCKE Matthew (Inghilterra); PURCELL Henry (Inghilterra); SIMPSON Christopher (Inghilterra); WITHY Frances
Interpreti: Charivari Agreable
Codice: SIGCD 093
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 25.00