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Compositore: BETTISON Oscar

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The Hoxton Thirteen - New works by 13 young composer from Hoxton New Music Days: DAVIES Patterning - POWELL Saturnine - BELLAMY Constellations - HAYES Bouy - BAKER Los Rabanos - HAYDEN Partners in psychopathology - KAY Rat-race - COLE Caught - LEACH Green plastic pink oil and water - STOUT Deep in your coral caves - SIMPSON A beast of burden - BETTISON Cadance - PRITCHARD Chanctobury Ring
Compositori: BAKER Richard; BELLAMY Mary; BETTISON Oscar; COLE Jonathan; DAVIES Tansy; HAYDEN Sam; HAYES Morgan; KAY Alison; LEACH Rachel; POWELL Jonathan; PRITCHARD Deborah; SIMPSON Julia; STOUT Alastair
Interpreti: Composers Ensemble; WIEGOLD Peter (dir)
Casa Discografica: NMC RECORDINGS LTD
Codice: NMC 076
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 16.50