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Compositore: BESLY Maurice

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The Flowering of English Song - Songs and duets by English composers: ROWLEY Restless River HOLST Vedic Hymns, Group I - IRELAND Earth's Call: A Sylvan Rhapsody; Songs of a Great War- WAUGAN WILLIAMS Two Vocal Duets: The Last Invocation & The Love Song of the Birds; From "Four Poems" by Fredegond Shove: Yhe New Gost... The Water Mill... Under the Greenwood Tree- BAX A Celtic Song Cycle- BRIDGE The Grasceful; Adoration- GERMAN e a.
Compositori: BALFE Michael William (Irlanda); BAX Arnold Sir. (Inghilterra); BESLY Maurice; BRIDGE Franck (Inghilterra); COOPER Eric Thirkell; GERMAN Edward (Inghilterra); HOLST Gustav Theodore von (Inghilterra); IRELAND John (Inghilterra); ROWLEY Alec; SOMERVELL Arthur Sir. (Inghilterra); VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS Ralph (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: FROHNMAYER Ellen (soprano); FROHNMAYER Philip (baritono); SKELTON Logan (pianoforte)
Casa Discografica: CENTAUR RECORD - U.S.A.
Codice: CEN 2075
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 14.50